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Christophe BLONDEAU, CEO, HensoldtChristophe BLONDEAU, CEO
Over the past twenty years, the development of new technologies and enhanced digitalisation has become the driving forces behind globalisation and international competition. Countries around the world are heavily investing in technologies to establish their diplomatic, security, economic, and technological supremacy, and the EU is no exception to this. A couple of months back, the EU adopted the European Defence Fund (EDF)—a package of decisions supporting the competitiveness and innovative capacity of the region’s defence industry. The EU will immediately launch 23 calls for proposals for €1.2 billion of euro funding and supporting collaborative defence research and development projects. A premier name and industry leader in the EU’s defence sector is HENSOLDT (ETR: HAG). HENSOLDT is a Germany that helps armed forces avert threats and protect people and resources.

HENSOLDT’s consists of highly skilled employees who are fascinated by high-end defence technologies and driven by customer requirements. The company transforms technological innovations into smart electronic solutions that support defence and security organisations around the world and make the world a safer place.the field of sensors for defence and security applications in Europe.
  • The company’s product portfolio includes sensor technologies combined with detection capabilities, air defence, mission management and self-protection tools, signal intelligence and data link products, optronics, and more

HENSOLDT has strategic leadership positions in owing to its continuously expanded cyber security capabilities, robotics, and data management products. The company is a leading supplier for platform-independent offerings employed across air, sea, land, and security domain worldwide. HENSOLDT critically contributes to the protection of soldiers and operational capabilities of the German Bundeswehr and NATO.
The company’s product portfolio includes sensor technologies combined with detection capabilities, air defence, mission management and self-protection tools, signal intelligence and data link products, optronics, and more. In addition, HENSOLDT also offers avionics computers, mission planning and autopilot systems.

With its products covering all types of applications, HENSOLDT enables its customers to maintain supremacy regarding monitoring of electromagnetic spectrum. Its solutions are deployed in a number of helicopters, aircraft, UAVs, ships, submarines, armoured vehicles, and satellites. Complementing its products and services are its values, which lie at the core of its operations.
The company fosters collaboration across its departments where its employees work together.with team spirit, respect, transparency, and trust, overcoming organisational and communication barriers.HENSOLDT’s values lean on three pillars: Excellence, Ownership, and Innovation. The company heavily invests in its R&D to ensure that its products are of the highest quality and incorporate the latest technologies of the market, fostering excellence. HENSOLDT takes total responsibility for its decisions and products, ensuring reliability towards its clients and employees.

HENSOLDT is synonymous with innovation, and among its internal operations, the company fosters curiosity, creativity, and passion and encourages its teams to think innovatively and even risk failures. In its recent collaboration, HENSOLDT will support the Frontex, the European Border and Coast Guard Agency, maritime surveillance pilot project. The company’s ARGOS-II HD electrooptical infra-red camera will be deployed on aerostats from CNIM Air space. HENSOLDT will strengthen the projects surveillance capabilities in the Mediterranean Sea and contribute to the protection of Europe’s southeastern border. ARGO-II is one of the world’s best sensors and will provide Frontex with accurate, highly reliable, and real-time information on maritime operations and enable the analysis of situations and initiate countermeasures. With such strong collaboration and innovative defence technologies, it is evident that HENSOLDT will soon revolutionise Europe’s security ecosystem and become a sought after name in the global defence industry.
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Christophe BLONDEAU, CEO

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"Hensoldt has strategic leadership positions in the field of sensors for defence and security applications, owing to its cyber security and defence capabilities"

- Christophe BLONDEAU, CEO